Netflix is the most popular subscription based website where you can stream your favorite movies and TV-Shows. However, almost 4 years ago I decided to end my Netflix subscription due to their poorly designed user experience. Because of this experience and a passion for entertainment, I decided to create an unsolicited Netflix concept.

* This project is dated, Netflix has changed a lot since the making of this project.


How do we improve
the overall user experience?

Back in 2014, Netflix had a very unorganized interface which did not allow me to explore movies the way I wanted. In this concept I have tried to create a more pleasant way of finding the movies you like. On top of this I felt like an important aspect was missing in the entire ‘Watching a movie’ experience. Back in the days when we wanted to watch a movie, we went to cinema with friends, or watched TV-Shows with our families and friends. This whole social interaction aspect is still something which is not being emphasized on enough in my opinion. This is why I implemented a way to see what your friends are watching and what they think about that one episode you also watched. Finally, because of my frequent use of similar streaming services I decided to create a Netflix desktop application, to allow users to catch a movie with ease.


Visualizing my ideas

After coming up with the concept to enhance the overall Netflix user experience, I did some research to base my choices on while desiging my user experience solution. Once I completed my research, I immediately started translating all my ideas and possible solutions on to paper. By doing this, I was able to communicate my ideas to others to make sure I made the right choices before starting on the next fase.


Putting the pieces together

By ruling out multiple ideas because of their incapability to solve the design problem efficiently, it was time to put all the pieces together. To regain the ability to browse movies in a more pleasant way, I decided to keep the movie overview visually attractive, but at the same time it was important that Netflix users were able to view more detailed information with ease. On top of this, due to differentiating preferences, I picked up a small pattern which would allow you to change the grid view to a list view. Finally I worked on the social aspect within this concept. This aspect was quite hard to figure out, because there is no simple way to literally watch a movie together while streaming a movie from different locations. This is why I came up with the social feed next to your Movie/TV-Show overview. This feed allows you to view what your friends are watching right now, what they have just watched , what they bookmarked and what they rate the movies and episodes they have previously watched.


The enhanced user experience

After putting all the pieces together, I started to work on the visual side of this concept. During the visual design process, I decided to put my own twist to the Netflix style. With the implementation and the emphasization of multiple features, I found it quite challanging to find a suiting balance between the current Netflix and my vision for this project. All these new concept features, such as the social aspect which incorporates friends in to the whole movie experience and the improved movie overview, allowed me to solve my Netflix user experience problem. To view elements in greater detail, please hover over the image bellow.

Thank you for reading

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